Washing Instructions

To ensure your leotard stay in “as good as new” condition please see the advice below on how to care for your leotard and also the practices to avoid.

  • Turn garment inside out.
  • Wash separately.
  • Gently hand wash in a large volume of cold water using a small amount of mild detergent.
  • Rinse immediately.

  • DO NOT allow the garment to soak. Pat dry with a towel and hang to dry.
  • DO NOT use fabric softeners.
  • DO NOT dry clean.
  • DO NOT iron.
  • DO NOT tumble dry.

Repeated wear and washing may cause the fabrics to fade or lose foil.
Fabrics could be potentially damaged due to the rigours of certain routines.
Fabrics such as hologram, mesh and mystique are classed as special care fragile fabrics.
Alcohol in all aerosal products such as hairspray and deodorants and also perfume and body lotions may affect the fabrics.
Colour transference or fading may occur when damp garments are left in gym bags.
Piling may occur on some sublimated fabrics, Velcro and any other rough surfaces can cause sometimes cause this. The back and bottom area of the leotard are more prone to pilling, this is an issue we cannot avoid and can occasionally occur due to the nature of the sublimated material.